WORKPRO Precision-Screwdrivers-Set

    WORKPRO Precision-Screwdrivers-Set Specification & Description Summary

    WORKPRO Precision-Screwdrivers-Set Specification

    • Brand NameWORKPRO
    • FeaturesMultifunctional
    • FeaturesMini
    • FeaturesINSULATED

    Equipped with a dedicated storage box for easy carrying. All the tools can be neatly organized and stored in our durable blow molded case. Place each tool in its designated spot so you can easily find them again when you need them.

    Durable & Anti-corrosion

    *Screwdrivers made of CR-V steel, stronger and tougher than most carbon steel; *Matted plating and black-oxide point tip prevents screwdriver tips from rust and corrosion.

    Magnetic Screwdriver Handle and Bits

    *WORKPRO magnetic screwdriver handle and bits in this set are constructed by chome-vanadium steel, hardened and tempered.*Chome-vanadium Steel Bits In Popular Sizes Satisfy A Wide Range Of Fastening Needs


    Designed for domestic appliances,furniture,automotive,factory.they are capable of meeting your various needs.

    The screwdriver set includes:

    *8PC precision screwdriver: slotted:PH00,PH0,PH1,T9,T10,SL1.5,SL2.0,SL2.5 *40PC 25mm CR-V bits with 4 holders:PZ0,PZ1X2,PZ2X5,PZ3X2; 3,4,5,5.5,6,7,PH0,PH1,PH2,PH3; S0X2,S1X2,S2X4,S3X2; H1.5,H2.5,H3,H4,H5,H6,T10,T15,T20,T25 *6PC screwdriver set: SLT 5x75mm, SLT 6x100mm, SLT 8x150mm, PH 1x75mm, PH 2x100mm, PH 3x150mm *1 PC magnetic screwdriver bits holder *1 PC blow mould case Features: * Every bit for every project *Chrome vanadium steel shaft for durability *Double color injected handle for maximum torque *Strong carrying case for well organization


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    WORKPRO Precision-Screwdrivers-Set

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